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Instrumental music with a classical, flamenco and new age repertoire.


Guitar Soloist

Guitar, percussion and voice. With a music repertoire fusing Mexican, Italian, bossa nova and flamenco styles.


A show that transmits the energy of contemporary flamenco, without leaving aside the force of traditional flamenco. Guitar, bass, percussion, voice and dance.

Tablao Flamenco

Flamenco Music

With a repertoire ranging from rumbas, tangos flamencos and bulerias. Guitar, bass, vocals, backing vocals and percussion.


Sounds of middle-east. An original and suggestive option. Suitable for yoga and meditation classes, reception lounge and exclusive events. Sitar, Baglama, Bansuri flute, guitar, percussion and voice.

Arabic Night

A show with the ability to overtake the viewer with spells of the Middle East. Merging Arab music and dance. Guitar, baglama, sitar, percussion, voice and dance.


A show rich of emotions that merges the heat of fire, Arab music and flamenco dancing. Guitar, baglama, flutes, bass, sitar, percussion, voice and dance.

live music for weddings and private events